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​High Water Pressure

Pressure Reducing Valve Inspection

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"A Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) is standard in every home and it's essential to maintain proper water pressure throughout your home. PRVs typically last 15 - 20 years, however neglecting to replace them can result in High Water Pressure which can cause damage in your home. I've visited homes with entire basements that have flooded because their PRV had failed and their pipes ruptured. This is a situation that could have been prevented - by having the water pressure tested, and replacing the PRV when it was no longer doing it's job."

Excessive Water Pressure May Cause
  • Flooded basement or main level
  • Running toilets, leaking faucets, damage to appliances
  • Banging or noisy water pipes when turning water on or off
  • Water spraying sideways or "spitting" when water is turned on at faucet
  • Shortened water heater life
  • Reduced washing machine or dishwasher life due to leaks
  • Septic drainfield flooding and failure if your home is connected to a septic system
  • Increased sewer bill costs in communities who base their sewer charges on water usage metering.
  • Increased hot water heating costs.
  • Wasted water - running water at higher-than-needed pressure
What If My Water Pressure IS Too High?
  • Licensed Plumber will test your water pressure. This will determine if your Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) is working or not and whether your home is at risk. You may not have the symptoms above yet, but are still at risk.
  • High Water Pressure is water pressure that exceeds 60 PSI.
  • For water pressure > 60 PSI, a Pressure Reducing Valve replacement will be recommended.

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